Monday, October 12, 2009

The Mask is DONE

"You're jokin' , you're jokin', you CAN'T BE DONE ALREADY!!???"

Sorry Oogie, we are. The mask is now done.
We cut out the eyeholes, then, using hot glue, and little disks of burlap, we put the eyes back in, only this time they didn't have plaster.
We also stuck a soft cloth into the part where my face is, so that I wouldn't be uncomfortable.

So, this is how we made the mask, step by step:

• We covered my face in plaster gauze.

• We then bent aluminum foil to make the eyes and mouth.

• We stuck pins into the aluminum foil so that we could see how things would piece together.

• We then put plaster gauze over the foil, after taking the pins out.

• Then we hot glued the burlap onto the plaster, making sure things were smooth.

• We also had extra fabric on the burlap covering the mask to serve as a hood.

• It was a bit of a struggle to get the hood to fit, we had to use a stapler to get the shoulders to fit.

• We cut out eyeholes in the mask.

• Then we hot glued squares of burlap onto the empty eyeholes.

• We inked the mouth and and eyes black with a Sharpie.

We are now finishing the costume.